Our mission is to provide premium services to our customers. That’s why the associates who advise you in our store are professionally trained in the relevant departments of our business. Take advantage of our services before, during and after your purchase! Ask for a professional fitting or advice on current trends and styling. Learn more about our top-of-the-line services below:

Style Consultations

You would like to try something new but aren’t sure what would look good on you? With the help of the experts at Liebhand Footwear, you can discover which styles and designs flatter you and help you look your best. We’ll help you choose shoes and clothing that let your personality shine through! When it comes to matters of style, you can trust Liebhand Footwear. Stop by – we’d love to help you out!

Professional Fittings

What type of shoe fits you perfectly? Are your feet the same size – or not – and is that the reason you are having difficulty finding the right pair of shoes? We will professionally measure your feet and find out what works best for you. Stop in anytime!

Reservation Service

Did you find the perfect pair of shoes at our store? Would you like to set them aside for a few days? No problem. At Liebhand Footwear, you can reserve shoes for up to two days, and we’ll have them ready for you when you come to pick them up. Of course, you can also give us a call to reserve your favorite shoes. 

Gift Cards

Do you want to give a friend something nice but don’t know what they would like or which shoes suit them best? Purchase a Liebhand’s gift card so your friend can choose the perfect pair!  

Care Instructions

Some care is required to keep your shoes in best possible condition so they last as long as possible. We will gladly help you to find the right care products for your footwear and show you how to use them. Come in and chat with our friendly team!